Domestic students in Germany with study-related visits abroad, by major host countries, winter semester 2020/21

Almost two thirds (61%) of all (domestic) students surveyed in the DAAD’s “Benchmark internationale Hochschule” (BintHo) survey who had already undertaken (at least) one temporary study-related visit abroad in the 2020/21 winter semester chose a host country in Western Europe. The host regions Asia and Pacific (16%), Central and South Eastern Europe (12%), North America (11%) and Latin America (8%) follow at a considerable distance. The other host regions each account for less than 5% of stays.

Among the key host countries, three countries in Western Europe also predominate with Spain (12%), France and the United Kingdom (10% each). The US (9%) is the only non- European country of roughly comparable importance. Italy (5%), Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden (4% each), Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Ireland, Norway and Switzerland (3% each) follow at a considerable distance. All other host countries account for less than 3% of all stays.

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