Major flows of international student mobility 2019

According to UNESCO, around 6.1 million students were enrolled outside their home country in 2019, an increase of approximately 382,000 international students, or 7%, compared to the previous year.

The largest flows of international student mobility lead from China, the most important country of origin by a clear margin, to the US, Australia, the United Kingdom and Japan as host countries. In 2019, a rough total of 1,047,000 students from China were enrolled at universities abroad. This alone accounts for 17% of all internationally mobile students worldwide.

Approximately 347,000 Chinese students were enrolled at universities in the US alone in the 2019 academic year. Representing 6% of global student mobility, this figure has grown by 2% compared to the previous year. For 2019, UNESCO lists around 166,000 Chinese students in Australia (+8%), around 139,000 in the United Kingdom (+12%) and around 92,000 in Japan (+9%).

Within Europe, the principal student flows are from Germany to Austria (29,000, +1%) and the Netherlands (21,000, –6%), from Ukraine to Poland (27,000, +/–0%), and from France to Belgium (15,000, +4%).

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