Study-related temporary visits abroad undertaken by domestic students by host region and key host countries, in 2021

Almost two thirds (59%) of all (domestic) students surveyed as part of the DZHW project “The Student Survey in Germany” (SiD) in the summer semester of 2021 who had already undertaken (at least) one temporary study-related stay abroad chose a host country in Western Europe. The host regions Asia and the Pacific (12%), Central and Southern Europe (9%), North America (8%) and Latin America (5%) follow at a considerable distance. The other host regions each account for less than 5% of stays.

Among the most important host countries, three countries in Western Europe also dominate with the United Kingdom (10%), France (9%) and Spain (8%). The US (6%) is the only non-European country of roughly comparable importance. It is followed by Italy (5%), Sweden (4%), Ireland, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Finland (3% each). All other host countries account for less than 3% of all stays.

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