Data Collection 2024

Many German and international organisations fund the international mobility of researchers. As for the previous editions, we would like to collect the numbers of researchers funded by the various institutions and organisations for the next edition Wissenschaft weltoffen 2024. The data collection relates to the study visits in Germany by international academics and researchers and/or on study visits abroad by German academics and researchers funded in 2022. We provide two different forms for this, depending on the volume of the data:

  • a questionnaire as an Excel-document for large amounts of data [download]
  • a brief questionnaire as a Word-document for smaller amounts of data [download]

Please e-mail the questionnaire with the data to Dr. Ulrich Heublein ( or by mail to DZHW GmbH, Attn: Inessa Fuge, Lange Laube 12, 30159 Hannover, Germany.

For any questions you can phone Dr. Ulrich Heublein: +49-0341-962-765-33, (Fax: +49-511-450-670-960).

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