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“Research shows that migration also has positive effects in the countries of origin”

Johannes Haushofer is a development economist and Professor of Economics at the National University of Singapore and Stockholm University. One of his main research interests is the reduction of poverty in the Global South. At the same time, he is also active as a practitioner in this field: in 2021, he founded the organisation Malengo, which enables school graduates from low-income countries to study in Europe. The impact of their support is being scientifically analysed by an independent research team. In this interview, Johannes Haushofer explains how he came to investigate the effects of educational migration, how exactly the Malengo project works and which research questions are at the centre of the investigation into its impact.

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“International students are actively pursued by several countries as “ideal” immigrants”

Roopa Desai Trilokekar is an associate professor at York University in Toronto, Canada. In this role, she heads the international research project "International students are "ideal" immigrants: A critical discourse analysis of study-migration pathways in Canada, Australia and Germany", in which a total of ten researchers from Canada, Australia and Germany are involved. In the interview, she explains what prompted the research project, what she sees as the key findings of the analyses to date and what conclusions can be drawn from this for higher education policy and practice.

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“For many prospective students it was very important to hear the firsthand experiences of other students in Germany”

Dr Sazana Jayadeva is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge in the UK. In a recently published analysis, she examines the question of what influence Indian influencers in social media such as Facebook and YouTube have on the decisions of prospective Indian students in favour of Germany as a possible host country. In the interview, she explains what prompted this research question, what the key findings of her study are and what conclusions she believes can be drawn from this for university practice.

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“International students need early access to information about how to prepare for work in Germany”

The new "DAAD Research Brief" issue provides an overview of the current structures and strategic perspectives of International Career Services at German universities. In our interview, author Jessica Schueller from Miami University in Ohio, USA, explains which specific requirements International Career Services must fulfil, which concepts can be differentiated here and what the central challenges are when setting up such services for international students.

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“Virtual Exchange can teach important skills for the international labour market”

With the “DAAD Research Briefs”, the DAAD offers a publication series that aims to make current academic findings comprehensible and usable for higher education practitioners. In the fourth issue, Dr Robert O'Dowd, Associate Professor for English as a Foreign Language and Applied Linguistics at the Universidad de León in Spain, reports on the possible uses of Virtual Exchange formats in international higher education and their benefits from the perspective of students and teachers.

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